OCTOBER 26, 2019 Howard County Biketoberfest Benefiting the Colleen & Erin Marlatt Scholarship Fund cyclocross

When: Saturday, October 26, 2019. Rain or Shine.


Where: Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum | 12985 Fredrick Road | West Friendship, Maryland 21794


Parking: Follow signs for parking, event is located 1/2 mile from Frederick Road at the rear of the property.



Food and Beer: German food and beer will be available for purchase. Please, no outside alcohol.


The Course: The race is being held on the grounds of the Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum, this is an active farm as well as museum. The course, which is up to 3.2K in length,  runs over tar and chip road, grass sections, skirts planted fields and flows through the woods, all the while passing by the Oktberfest Biergarten. Your fans can ring the cowbell with one hand and toast a beer with the other. Sections of the course may be wet.  Regardless of weather, the course is challenging. This is no “grass crit,” but instead a homage to rural roots of cyclocross.


Racer Sign In: Day-of Racer sign-in is located at the farm, look for the tents between the parking and the course. Sign-in opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes 15 minutes before each event.


Parking: Look for a volunteer to assist you in where to park once you turn on to the property. After entering the farm museum property, a parking assistant will help you from there. Please remember that you are parking on farm fields so please be respectful of the land. Try not to tear up the ground by spinning tires as these fields are used for hay. Please pick up ALL of your trash. We strongly encourage riders, spectators, and volunteers to carpool, as it is both environmentally responsible and fashionable.


Warm-up: The course will be open for warm-up at 7:30 a.m. and about 15 min. prior to each event if the racers from the previous race have finished.  Gather at the Finish line and a Course marshal will let you know when the course is open.  Riding on the course during an event is prohibited and may result in disqualification from participation in registered event with no refund, revocation of Call-Up position, or other time penalty for registered event.


Start Line Protocol: Racers must report to the holding pen adjacent to the starting grid for staging 10 minutes before the start of their race.


Call-Up Protocol: Cat 5 Men, Cat 4/5 Men and Cat 4 Women are based on date/time of registration. All other races are based upon:

Row #1 - Top 8 Sportif Cross Cup series leaders

Row #2 - Call-up based on crossresults.com points

Row #3 - Series pass holders (if any left after the above)

Row #4+ - Date/time of registration


Lapped Riders: Lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the leaders. Riders in danger of being lapped must yield to oncoming racers and are not to interfere with their progress or trail behind them.


Pit: There will be one double-sided pit on the course. Please remove your equipment immediately following your race to make room for others.


Team Tents: There is space designated for team tents adjacent to the registration/vendors/staging area. Please notify the race committee if you would like to reserve space. There is no cost for this.


Field Limits: For the races with combined fields the 125 field limit is for the COMBINED field,not for each individual field. BikeReg has been set up so that once the limit has been reached for the combined field registration will close for each of the individual fields within the combined field.



Common Courtesy: Please be respectful of the environment and its inhabitants. This is private property and we would like to remind everyone that we all have a responsibility to leave the race course cleaner than we find it on race day. All refuse should be discarded into appropriate containers. Any rider found illegally discarding objects on the farm, the roads leading to and from the race course, and the on the race course itself will be dealt with accordingly (see USCF Rule3B9, which states in part – ‘Riders may not discard materials that are not biodegradable; they may pass or throw such material to support personnel in places far from any bystanders [relegation or disqualification for littering or unauthorized feeding]). Trash containers will be available for rider’s to use around the property.


Sportsmanlike Conduct: The Chief Referee and Race Promoter expect ALL spectators and riders to act like responsible adults. Use of profanity and blatant unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. This is a public park and family friendly event, so please be courteous to all volunteers and each other!


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